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Wall Hangings & Signs

Don't be fooled by the simplicity of the Wall Hanging: it's easily one of the most personal gifts we have. Think of it as a blank canvas, the truest form of "tattooing wood", perfect for any and all occasions and loved ones. Endless proofs are apart of all our commissions, but rest assured when it comes to something that needs as much creative juice as this, there will never be too much specificity or detail! The more the better!

Lumber Signs

download (8).png

The most traditional option for signs and hangings, lumber gives you the flattest surface, as well as the most even in base color. We can stain or leave it natural, and typically they are sealed in 3 coats of polyurethane, gloss or satin finish. 


download (14).png

There are several ways to pump up your sign to the next level! We can add a fancy edge using the router, make a multi-part sign using hooks, bevels, so much more! Let's venture into the unknown together! 


Live Edge

Want a more rustic or woodsy look? Ask for a live edge piece! Round or square, bark or no bark, it's the perfect way to get that nature feel!

download (13).png

3D Wall Hangings

Like the more complex 3D Signs, you can always add on a dimensional element, combining multiple techniques like resin or woodburning! To the right, this sign incorporates a scroll saw symbol out of Pine, wood burned text in the font Romance, a classical edge, a stained in the shades Espresso (symbol) and Sunbleached (base) . Below, a live edge maple cookie was gutted out with a jigsaw. Letters were carved out of Pine on the scroll saw in the font High Tower Text and stained in the shade Golden Oak. They were set in the wood, and then epoxy resin in the shade Wild Plum was poured around it, following a clear top coat, with the letters sticking out just a little. It was made in memory of LCpl (RET) Mark Rivard. 

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