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Chelsea's private studio has merged with the workings of the homestead,

all to uplift the idea that this is a space that celebrates curiosity at all levels!


Music Education that Centers You

Chelsea Saunders is a graduate of the University of Massachusetts Amherst in Music Education/Voice, and has been an active educator since 2016. She taught the award winning SciTech Band for several years, and has since been a sought after speaker, private teacher, consultant, and more.

In her studio, Chelsea focuses on celebrating the individual, wherever they are at: as a disabled teacher, she has a specialty with working with disabled students of all kinds, all while still providing a quality education. Quality, to her, is not synonymous with the rigor and harsh disciplinary schoolings of the past, but rather by centering the health and mental well-being of the student, setting obtainable goals, and relishing the journey of musicianship at every step.  

What do we offer?

All are welcome in this studio! We have had a wide variety of students, spanning all ages and goals, from college applicants to just for fun! No matter what your desire, we got you covered!

We Offer:

-Vocal Lessons, all styles (recomended age is 13; this is not a hard rule!)

-Instrumental Lessons, age 10 and up

-Flute (beginner to advanced level)

-Clarinet (beginner to advanced level)

-Saxophone (beginner to advanced level)

-Trombone (only up to beginner/intermediate level)

-Baritone (only up to beginner/intermediate level)

-Trumpet (only up to beginner/intermediate level)


We offer three lengths of lessons: 30, 45, and 60 minutes

The recomended rate is $60 for a 60 minute lesson, $45 for 45, and $30 for 30.

However, we proudly operate on a sliding scale, and are willing to work with you to meet your financial needs.

Please do not hesitate to discuss flexibility in rates when you reach out to schedule your lesson!

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