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Dabbler's Notch is a fiber farm, meaning the purpose behind our livestock is to harvest their fleece for turning into various fiber goods, like yarn, felt, fiber, and more.

Right now, we have 3 sheep, and are adding chickens to the mix in Spring/Summer of 2023.

Here, we will talk about animal care, barn projects, and the different aspects of keeping animals on a small property!

The Sheep

We have three fiber sheep: Walter, Linus, and Wee Jimmy Finley!

Walter is a 2 year old White Gotland, the leader of the flock who does a great job taking care of his brothers, and loves a good head scratch!

Linus is a 1 year old brown Leicester Longwool, the oddball of the bunch; Leicesters grow wool EVERYwhere, including their face! The breed is also a little more aloof, so Linus is a bit more skittish than his brothers, but has his own special way of being a love. He likes to chat!

Finley is the youngest and smallest, a grey, 1 year old Gotland. He is the friendliest, thinking everything has a treat for him, and is always nibbling away with his fuzzy little lips!







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