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Dabbler's Notch is a small fiber farm, meaning the purpose behind our sheep is to harvest their fleece for turning into various fiber goods, like yarn, felt, fiber, and more. We also have some chickens for eggs!

But most importantly, the purpose behind all these animals are companionship and fun!

The Sheep



Breed: Gotland

Birthday: 4/20/20

Walter is the leader of our little flock; although he's the biggest and appears to be the protector, he is a snuggle bug at heart! He is always looking for a hug, head scratch, treats, you name it. And he'll let you know if you haven't given him enough!


Breed: Leicester Longwool

Birthday: 4/6/21

Linus is our odd duck, our shy boy, the wooliest of them all! Yes it's true he's a nervous wreck, but he's also our resident chatter box: you can rest assured that as soon as you walk out the door, Linus will greet you with a sonorous BLEH and you can't help but smile!



Breed: Gotland

Birthday: 4/25/21

Full name Wee Jimmy Finley, this boy is hardly wee anymore, especially since he's our hungriest boy! Finley will look for a snack anywhere, including under the feeder where he likes to get stuck. The trade off though is he is one friendly dude, and will bring you tons of laughs!


Breed: Racka

Birthday: 4/15/22

You will never meet a sheep more friendly than little Lani! Kisses galore, sticks to you like velcro, she's hands down the farm's sweetheart. It's almost like she's a perpetual grandma, young in body but old in soul! You can't help but have you heart melt at the sight of her!



Breed: Racka

Birthday: 4/23/22

First in a set of twins, Elliott takes a lot after Linus: a sweet, shy boy. Elliott is content to be, and loves trailing behind and watching his flock mates, but he'll also take the time to come give you a small hello! Most of all, he loves his twin, and can often be found hovering near her


Breed: Racka

Birthday: 4/23/22

The second half of the twins, Natalie is also our second friendliest! She loves people, but unlike Lani, she is able to have her attention taken away from you if there's a treat nearby! But if there isn't, expect another velcro friend, patiently waiting for a smooch from you!


The Chickens

L-R: Kirkland, Ellio, Celeste, Newman, DiGiorno, & Red Baron (Red)

Breed: Olive Eggers

Birthdays: 4/25/22

We have six Olive Eggers for our egg-laying chicken flock, all named after frozen pizza brands (thank Dan for that)!

Led by Kirk the Jerk (who now lives in a rooster sanctuary in Hadley), we also have Elio the escape artist and nervous wreck, Celeste the ditz, Newman the screamer, DiGiorno the friendliest, and Red the smallest!

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