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Stain Choices

Stain is one of the most common and trustworthy ways to bring life and color to your piece. By proudly using Minwax as our brand of choice, we can provide you every hue of the rainbow to get you or your loved one just the right shade to reflect your ideas.

Natural Hue Stains

These oil based shades are the perfect choice for a more "natural" look to your piece.


Colorful Hue Stains

Want to add a pop of color to your piece? A bit of fun? Choose from ALL OF THESE COLORS! If you are having a hard time reading the names, simply click the picture to be taken to the link

*NOTE: this stain acts more like a paint!*


Resin Color Choices

If you are doing a resin commission, below are our beautiful Mica Powder choices from Arteza Art Supplies! They are simply GORGEOUS, each with a subtle shimmer that will blend perfectly with the grain of your wood, making it almost look like it was meant to be there.

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