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Scroll Saw Puzzles

There is NOTHING more delightful than a puzzle made of wood! Absolutely perfect for babies, small kids, or your coffee table, there are so many fun roads your puzzle can go down. You can make it as easy or as difficult as you want! And the best news? We can make them food safe for those curious little baby mouths, so safety doesn't have to be a worry!



This puzzle was made for Baby Theo out of Black Walnut. It features a Mama Otter cuddling her Baby Otter (a gift from his uncle, a human otter). The details were wood burned, and it was bathed in mineral oil.


download (9).png

This puzzle was made for Baby Amelia, to go along with the book Make Way for Ducklings!. It is made out of Pine, with the Mama Duck and Baby Duck details burned. It was sealed with food safe polyurethane.

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