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A staple housewarming gift, and lovely accent to a home! Not only does it help organize belongings, but it brightens up entryways with a functional twist. From flat lumber that serves as a blank canvas, to carving out shapes, to choosing hardware, the ideas are limitless! 

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Key Holders



This key holder was made out of recycled Maple Plywood, carved into the shape of Connecticut! A shelf was added to place extra items, and the hardware is Matte Black. The stain shade is Ebony, then coated in polyurethane. 

This key holder was made out Pine, with each housemate being represented by a leaf. The leaves and the initials (font High Tower Text) we burned, as well as the dividers. Each leaf was colored in using various stain shades. It was then sealed with polyurethane. Bronze hardware was the finishing touch. 


download (2).png
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