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 Cutting Boards, Charcuterie Boards, & Serving Boards are both functional and beautiful. Get one for the cook in your life, or as a housewarming gift to spice up the heart of the home! Nothing brings a flare of fancy like a custom board.

Commission for the B.A.A.

PXL_20231012_131101566 edit.jpg
PXL_20231012_131138356 edit.jpg

This was one of THE biggest commissions in my woodworking life, and I still can't believe it. I was incredibly honored to make just under 20 charcuterie boards for the Boston Athletic Association! WHAT?!

The boards are made from Ambrosia Maple, a beautiful but sturdy wood. The gorgeous striping and variations made each board truly unique; you never knew what you were gonna get! Each board measure about 8" x 11", and sported a rounded edge on both sides. After the boards were constructed, I hand burned the B.A.A. logo along with some names. For privacy, I have blanked out the names of the first two boards, but swipe to see a board I made for my friend, Sarah, who coordinated this wonderful opportunity! I'm so grateful and humbled by her faith in me.

Jared's Board

Sarah commissioned this board for her partner Jared for Christmas! This was freshly after the pandemic, when the lumber industry was still absolutely decimated, and stock was low. So to make a board that fit the desired thickness, we had to get creative: and thus the dual sided board was born! 

We first constructed the top side of the board out of thinner, more exotic stock to make a pattern: a stripe of Bolivian Rosewood in the center, framed by Hard Maple, then Black walnut, and finally Bloodwood. Then, a secondary board was made out of thicker black walnut stock. We planed a side on each board, and then glued them together, reaching our goal thickness! Then the board was cut to size, given a juice groove, an a nice rounded edge on the top. This is an incredibly hearty board, with a striking, bold look!


Jerannchris's Board

Jerannchris wanted a board for himself, and fell in to the same lumber issue as Sarah: so once again, we opted to try a dual-sided board, and it did not disappoint!

Once again, we started with the top board out of thinner stock: Black Walnut center stripe, framed by Bloodwood, then Sapele Mahogany, and finally Cherry. It proved for a LOVELY gradient pattern!

We made the secondary bottom board out of Black Walnut, planed a side on each and glued them up. It was nice and thick! It was then cut to size, and given a gentle rounded edge on the top to give it a classy finishing look. 

A truly gorgeous board!


Adam & Emily's Serving Board


Two dear friends of mine, Adam and Emily, got engaged in beautiful, autumnal Vermont, and this board captured the scene perfectly! Using Padauk, a leaf was carved using the scroll saw. With several one-inch strips of black walnut, the board was made. The outline of the leaf was then carved in the black walnut, After being tapped into place, a combination of glue and Padauk dust was used as the binding agent. It was then sanded through the grits, followed by a satin sealant. These lovely iron handles were then added, and this delightful serving board was complete!  


Tri-Wood Board


This board is little but FIERCE! Measuring at about 12x8 inches, this was made for our downstairs neighbors who are literal saints and have to deal with my racket from the basement. It's made of three really sturdy woods: Black Walnut, Ambrosia Maple, and Bloodwood. After setting on the design, it went into it's glue up. After, it was planed to about .25in, and cut to size. After it was given rounded corners, and sanded through the various grits. And finally, it took it's mineral oil bath and was ready to go. Peep the awesome wood conditioner making a little feature! 


Kate's Board


Kate's board is made from a beautiful piece of remnant Black Walnut. It was split in the center, where we did a resin fade from the colors Sapphire Blue to French Blue. After setting the resin, it was planed to about .25in, and squared off. It was then bathed in mineral oil, bringing out the rich brown color and making it kitchen ready.

Any boards that include resin are generally recommended to be charcuterie boards, and not endure heavy use.

Ian's Board


Ian's board is made from blood wood, with a dual-stripe Hard Maple inlay. After the glue-up, this large beauty was cut to size, about 20x12, and squared off. Finally, a juice groove was put in, a combo with router and hand carving. It was smoothed to perfection, bathed in mineral oil, and ready for use. 

Megan's Board


Megan's twin, Lauren, wanted to get her a housewarming gift for her brand new condo. Nothing seemed better to match her gorgeous new granite kitchen than a crushed stone inlay on some dark wood! First, a slab of Black Walnut was cut to size. The word home was then carved using a palm router. The carving was filled with crush white stone and filled with an epoxy resin, and cure. It was then sanded through all the grits, and finished up in a mineral oil bath, and ready to be the focal point of the kitchen!

Brooke's Board

Brooke ordered this board as a Christmas gift for her sister! A large but not too large board, the finished product measured in at 12 x 16 inches, with the thickness at about a half inch. It is made out of a POWERHOUSE combo of some of the strongest woods I use for cutting boards: Chechen, Black Walnut, and Purpleheart. Chechen wrapped around the Black Walnut and Purpleheart stripe, set slightly off center. After it's glue-up and planer session, it was given round corners as well as a double-rounded edge. This gave it such a classy flow and feel! This board is going to be such a sturdy kitchen companion, bringing it's strength for every use.


Janessa's Board


Janessa's partner, Casey, designed this custom board for their first Christmas together! It's nice and thick, about 1 inch, and measures 16 x 20 inches. From the outside in, it is made of Black Walnut, Hard Maple, and Purple Heart. It was given even more shape with rounded corners and a double rounded edge. For the final, perfect accent, Janessa's name was burned in the font Baby Names, along with some butterflies, in the bottom right corner. After being oiled, it was shipped to it's final home in Sunny California! 


Dragon Scale Board


Skylar ordered a custom board for Skylar's dad, a chef, for Christmas! It had a definitive theme: DRAGONS!

A rich piece of Bloodwood was chosen, with gorgeous grain that really added to the dragon effect. The piece was built to the desired size, 16 x12 inches. The final thickness ended up at around half an inch. Then, a dragon scale pattern was created on the computer, pieced together with 4 print outs, and transferred on to the wood. The initial scale design was burned, followed by shading and some details. Just like that, a dimensional scale pattern came to life, and the board truly looked like a Dragon's skin!


This little board was made from scraps of other projects, and turned out wonderful! From the outside in, it's made of Hard Maple, Black Walnut, & Purpleheart. I love how the eye is drawn toward the Purpleheart stripe due to the setting of light colors into dark colors! It was cut to size, ~7.5 x 9.5 x .75, making it perfect for a single serving cheese board. It was given rounded corners and a double rounded edge, which really topped of the sweet vibe this board has.

It was then put up as a ready to buy product, eagerly awaiting its new home!

Tri-wood Board 2

Kaet's Board


Kaet's board was commissioned for her by her partner, Pat. Made out of Cherry, the board was cut to shape on a Scroll Saw. After, the words and heart were burned in the font Always in My Heart, with the location centering around Amherst. Finally, the board was bathed in mineral oil. 

Want to Make Your Board 
Last Forever?


Brewed at home right on the stove, this is the perfect way to keep your board beautiful and functional. Made with only two ingredients, Organic Coconut Oil and Local Beeswax, this is yet another way we strive to be sustainable and embedded in the community.



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