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Boxes are one of the most individual items out there, with limitless personalizing and customizing options. They can be dressed up or dressed down for any gift or occasion, and fulfill so many needs!

Sierra & Matt's Wedding Box


In January of 2021, Sierra & Matt eloped in a beyond perfect private ceremony in Vermont, complete with endless custom elements like unreal rings, black and maroon coloring, and Phish accents! To compliment their totally unique love story, Sierra reached out to commission this memory box  to hold all these precious memories. The box is made out of Black Walnut with Purple Heart, creating stunning imagery for the lid. The circle was inlaid with a unique mix of resin that created a smoke black-grey ring around the Purple Heart, perfectly complimenting the Black Walnut. All text was burned in Sierra's handwriting, with their names on the front, and their dating and wedding anniversaries on the inside. The box is also divide on the inside, complete with removeable separator should memorabilia ever become too large for one section. Needless to say, Sierra though of EVERYTHING, and created not only a jaw-dropping box, but a practical, functional one, too!


Maddy's Box


Maddy's box was commissioned for her by her partner, Ben. The entire box is made out of Padauk, measuring 10x7x3. The construction is rabbet joints made on a tale saw. The lid was made with broken pieces of Paduak sanded into shapes, filled with ProMarine Supplies Table Top epoxy resin with golden powder pigment. It was then cut to size on the table saw, and attached with hinge joints. A lock was chosen by Ben to affix to the front. The accent pegs we made out of scraps from the top using a plug cutter. Her name was burned on to the face in the font High Tower Text. Finally, it was sealed using a wipe on polyurethane in a gloss finish.

Basic Brown Box

This basic brown box was constructed to hold wedding photos for a photographer's clients. With simplicity and sustainability at the center, this box was made from repurposed maple plywood. It was constructed with rabbet joints on a table saw, to include a rabbet joint lid. It was stained in the shade Ebony. For accents, plugs were cut out of scraps of Black Walnut. It was then sealed with a wipe on polyurethane in a satin finish. 


Dad's Stuff


This box designed for a Dad was made to sit near the door to hold the keys, wallet, and other things! It was made out of repurposed maple plywood, with rabbet joints made on a table saw. The plugs, too, were made out of scraps. The box was stained in the shade Honey. The small plate was burned in the font Typewriter, and fastened using golden screws to match the hues. It was sealed with a wipe on polyurethane in a satin finish. 

Pat's Box

Kaet ordered a box for her partner Pat, meant to contain precious items like watches, formal wear, and more. She knew she wanted the phrase "What a Wonderful World" on it, surrounded by one of his favorite Celtic symbols. The phrase means a lot to Pat, a band teacher, whose class plays that song. After picking the symbol, the design was set, with the phrase running through the center in the font Clarkson. The box was then constructed out of Black Walnut, measuring 10in x 7in x 3in, using rabbet joints. After sanding the box to help true up the shape, 4 accent plugs of Bloodwood were placed on the lid for a nice accent, making the design pop. The whole box was sealed with a matte-finish polyurethane, then the black, antique-style hinges were added. It was such a thoughtful Christmas gift, and it's so exciting to think of it last for years as a precious memory and functional item!

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