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Sometimes projects don't go the way you want them to, but they STILL have value and can bring light to someone! Whether it didn't meet a customer's standard, had cosmetic damage, or simply didn't go as planned, Adoptions are a great way to be sustainable and not waste, still give these items value, add a quirky piece to your home, and still get a great wood piece at a drastically reduced price! Rest assured, Adoptions will always be of high quality: we will never sell you something that is unsafe, unusable, or too far gone.

Think of it as woodwork thrifting! 


A small but striking piece, this votive holder made out of a scrap of Aromatic Red Cedar. The sides were all cut square, with the exception of the live edge. After the live edge as cleaned of all loose bark, the whole piece was sanded. The three votive slots were then added on the drill press, and the whole piece was sanded through the grits. It was sealed off with several coats of shellac, making this piece a true natural beauty! Between your burning candles, the gorgeous red hues of the cedar, and the mesmerizing spalting on the live edge, this is a perfect piece of nature in your home, and a wonderful way to make any room instantly more relaxing. Add to your yoga routine, meditations, therapy, reading, tv time, meals, ANYTHING! You'll find the experience enhanced.

*votives not included*

$7 + shipping


This is a HIGH quality board, with a stone inlay on solid Black Walnut. This was my first stone inlay, so as you can see, there were some cosmetic glitches in the stone, resulting in small circles. Don't worry though: these are solely cosmetic! The durability and usability of the board is still top notch, with all holes being filled. It is 10.5 x 15.5 x 2 inches, making this a large, beautiful addition to the kitchen. It has been properly oiled, and ready to find it's home! Give this quirky piece some love!

$20 + shipping

This delightful key holder is made of mistmatched scraps of Chechen and Black Walnut. With such strong hardwoods, this little holder is mighty, and will be a perfect little accent to your entry way, ready to hang the strongest of keys and lanyards! They blemished woods, imperfect cuttings, yet tasteful design gives it an antique look, while the beautiful grain of both the Chechen and the Black Walnut ties it all together. It was given a slightly round edge, and sealed with two coats of a gloss polyurethane. The hardware is a dark bronze now. 

Jump on this piece now before it's gone! 

$10 + shipping


These photo blocks are my favorite use for small scraps! A minimalist way to display beloved photos, we have options in every single stock, constantly cycling through, so check often! PLUS, they aren't just for photos! Place business cards, reminders, prints, and more! Don't limit this little block's potential! Each block has a 20 degree bevel and is sealed with 3 coats of a polyurethane to help protect from water damage or other elements, so it can go anywhere! 

All blocks are $2 + shipping


Sapele Mahogany



Sapele Mahogany


















Sapele Mahogany








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